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Today is the 10th anniversary of the Wash Park Prophet blog.

One particular highlight is that this blog won a Best of Westword award in March of 2007 (Westword is our local free, weekly, alternative news magazine, and many beloved local restaurants proudly display their Best of Westword awards in framed displays on their premises).  Posts at this blog have been used a class materials in a class at a British War College, and have been cited in at least one law review article.  Another post featured an interview with a top aide to the Governor.

My son was three years old and had not yet started early childhood education at the Denver Public Schools when I started writing this blog.  This fall, he will be entering high school as a freshman.

In that time, I have published 6724 posts at this blog, and 812 posts at sister blog “Dispatches From Turtle Island” which I established on May 22, 2011 for science and prehistory related posts, so that both blogs could become more focused.

My combined blogging output at these two blogs over the last decade has been 7,536 posts.  This works out to a little more than two posts per day, on average, for the last ten years, although I was more prolific in the early years than I have been in the last few years.  Still, there has never been a year when I haven’t averaged at least six posts per week, so I certainly haven’t abandoned this ever consuming hobby either.  But, the pace of almost three posts per day, on average, that I started with in 2005, ultimately wasn’t sustainable, and my blogging output is now split between two blogs with very different audiences, so the number of posts each month at each blog is now smaller than it would have been had they not be split off from each other.

My combined output of posts by year has been:

2005: 808 (in just under six months)
2006: 1192
2007: 690
2008; 810
2009: 835
2010: 750
2011: 836
2012: 598
2013: 460
2014: 331
2015: 226 (in just over six months)

There have also been lots of comments, 4557 at Wash Park Prophet, and 1385 at Dispatches from Turtle Island, for a total of 5,942 comments over ten years, a bit less than one per post, on average, and a significant share of them written by me, either in response to other comments or to update old posts with new relevant developments.

The blogger software (which do not go back in time all of the way to the beginning of the blog) has tracked a grand total of 1,039,603 page views at Wash Park Prophet, and 258,642 at Dispatches from Turtle Island, which is a combined 1,298,245 page views since the blogger tracking feature came into being.

I am currently averaging about 620 page views per day at Wash Park Prophet and 285 page views per day at Dispatches from Turtle Island, for a combined average of about 905 page views per day at the two blogs combined.

My most viewed post was on the fraudulent aspects of the Rich Dad, Poor Dad books, which has received 23,895 page views.  This was followed by the most widely viewed of my Dispatches at Turtle Island posts, Pre-Out of Africa Population Sizes And Densities, with 12,707 page views. Third place goes to the post, How Safe Are Motorcycles?, which has received 12,109 page views.

It also bears mentioning that many of these posts are quite lengthy and well sourced.  These blogs have sought to be a source of original context and analysis in addition to being a mere guide to other worthwhile content out there on the internet.

All of the Dispatches from Turtle Island posts have been indexed by subject, as have all posts at Wash Park Prophet from August 2006 or later, and all posts at Wash Park Prophet from July 2015.  There are a few posts that have been indexed from the twelve months that are not complete, which were also some of the most prolific in this history of this blog, but the task of indexing the last twelve months of the decade of blogging is still not quite yet complete.

I plan to celebrate the anniversary by having a blog birthday berry pie.

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