A Look Back At One Of The Most Well-known Criminal Activities in American History

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If you take a look back at American history, you will find many strange criminal cases that will send a chill down your spine. In fact, you could take a good look at the news stories of any recent year, and you will easily stumble on a couple of cases like that. While some of these cases might seem disturbing, a lot of them will spike your interest as well. You would be amazed how many crimes are happening in the US every year and what makes this even stranger is that some of those crimes are downright gruesome or beyond our comprehension. In this article, I have mentioned a few of the most notorious crimes in American history that you might or might not have heard before. While some cases made it into this list because of the strange details of the crime, others got the hype just because of the popular names associated with the case. I would leave out the gruesome details of the case and will give you the story as it happened. Let’s have a look at it:

Charles Manson and his “Family”

If you are an American and still have never heard about this case, then you might as well be living under a rock. The case of Charles Manson and his so-called family took the entire country by storm when they murdered the innocent Hollywood actress Sharon Tate in her house, along with four of her friends. This gruesome event took place in August of 1969 and what makes it more heartbreaking is that Sharon Tate was pregnant at that time. She was married to the famous director Roman Polanski and was actually living at his house. What makes this case so fascinating is that Charles Mason himself did not participate in any of those murders. In fact, he was recruiting young people and was brainwashing them by making them a part of his family. Charles Manson knew how to manipulate these kids, and he turned them into cold-hearted killers. He was later charged with nine counts of murder and was put behind by the bar in 1970. Charles Manson spent the rest of his life behind bars and died in prison in 2017. If you find the story of Charles Manson and Family intriguing, you can learn more about the case online as there are a lot of documentaries that were made on this.

OJ Simpson – NFL Star Turned Murderer 

The case of People vs. OJ Simpson is probably the most talked-about case in American history. OJ Simpson was a big name in the NFL and had a huge fan following. Things took a great turn for OJ Simpson and Buffalo Bills fans on 12 June 1994 when the NFL star murdered his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her boyfriend Ronald Goldman in rage. When the authorities found out about this, they went to OJ Simpson’s house and arrested him immediately. That is where one of the biggest and most talked-about criminal cases in American history began. OJ Simpson has no shortage of money, so he ended up hiring the big shot lawyers like Johnny Corcoran, Robert Shapiro, Robert Kardashian, Lee Bailey, and Alan Dershowitz. The media called it the dream team, and why they shouldn’t, after all, they end up winning the case despite the fact he was guilty. His lead criminal defense lawyers Robert Kardashian and Johnny Corcoran played the jury so well that they were able to get him off without any consequences. For the longest time, even the public believed that the star NFL player was innocent but you can never hide the truth for too long. In September of 2007, OJ Simpson stormed a hotel room in Las Vegas and tried to rob the place with four accomplices. He was later caught by the police and charged with twelve different crimes including kidnapping. He was then sentenced to thirty years in prison for which he got bail on parole in 2017. To this date, People vs. OJ Simpson is still the most talked-about case in American history. If you want to know how all these events transpired you can watch the TV series that was made about this case.

Lonnie David Franklin -The Grim Sleeper

The case of the grim sleeper is certainly a strange one as it involves a serial killer who did not kill people over the course of months or years but decades. In 1985 Police found a dead body of an African-American woman in south-central Los Angeles. This seemed like another case of murder, but things started to seem strange when police were not able to identify the victim, and similar kinds of murders started to happen over the course of years. In the end, a total of eleven women were killed over the course of 22 years, and it only stopped when the killer was identified. Lonnie David Franklin Jr, a mechanic by profession, was behind all these murders, and he was finally caught when the detective connected the dots of all the murders back to him. He was given the name Grim Sleeper because of his strange method of killing. He would kill a woman and wait for years to commit another murder so that he did not attract police attention. In May 2016, he was found guilty of these murders and was sentenced to death for his heinous crimes.

Ted Bundy – The Lady Killer

When it comes to serial killers, Ted Bundy is a name that cannot be ignored. The criminal case of Ted Bundy was the first trial in American history that was televised. Ted Bundy killed multiple people over the course of decades, and he did not just do it in one state. He was a well-educated and handsome man who knew how to convince people with his charm. According to the people involved in his case, if you met the guy, you wouldn’t believe that he was the one who did all the killings. He was born to a single teenage mother and never knew the identity of his father. He was told that his grandmother was his mother and his mother was his sister. He committed his first murder in Seattle in 1966, and after that, he got a taste for blood. He went on to kill several more women over the course of years, and one of his victims was a 12-year-old girl. Bundy was caught driving a stolen car after his last murder, and he instantly became a media sensation. The press became obsessed with him, and he was all over newspapers and TV channels. He was charged with the murders and was sent to the electric chair in 1989.

Ed Gein – The Inspiration behind Psycho

Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Silence of Lambs are among the most popular movies in the serial killer genre. If you have seen either of these movies, then you have already seen a few glimpses of Ed Gein. It was the strange criminal case of Ed Gein that inspired all these movies. He was born in Wisconsin to a couple who never got along well. His father was an alcoholic who will abuse him from time to time, and her mother was domineering and puritanical, who made her fear women and sex from a young age.  When his parents and brother died, he was left alone on the family farm for years. One day the police arrived at his farm searching for stolen hardware and what they found shook them to their core. Ed had things in the house that were made of actual human body parts, and faces were hanging all over the wall. Most of these bodies came from the graveyard, but he had murdered several women as well throughout the years. Gein was immediately taken into custody to avoid any more killings. He then told the police that he was trying to create a new version of her mother with those body parts. He was later diagnosed with schizophrenia and was declared unfit for the trial. He was convicted of one murder and was sent to a mental hospital where he spent the rest of his life.

Charles Lindbergh – The Baby Kidnapping

In March of 1932, a 20-month old baby named Charles Lindbergh was kidnapped from New Jersey, and everyone was talking about it within days. At that time, it was the most talked-about case of the century because of some strange turns it took. Charles’ father Lindbergh was the first man to fly solo across the Atlantis, and he was quite popular in America. The kidnapper initially asked him for a ransom of $50,000, which was increased a few days later to $70,000. The kidnapper assured the family that the child was healthy and will be returned safely when the ransom was paid. The ransom amount was sent to the kidnapper via a teacher who volunteered to help with the case. The kidnappers did not return the boy after taking the money, and only a few months later, his dead body was found by the police. Later a German-born man who was hiding some ransom amount was convicted for the murder, but many people still believe that he was not the real culprit.

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