An Overview for Making Road Trips Much More Memorable


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If you are planning to go away for the weekend and have decided to go on a road trip with your friends, you have made an excellent decision. There is no other activity that gives you a sense of freedom like a road trip, and doing it with your best buddies will make it even more amazing. However, planning a road trip is not child’s play. You have to take care of many small things to ensure that you have a safe and fun trip. It is also better to plan your trip in advance because going on an unplanned trip can be adventurous, but it is not always great, and you can end up facing roadblocks. A road trip can easily get boring if you embark on it without any plan. You do not want your friends to sit in silence while you drive for hours. Luckily, making a road trip fun is not rocket science. In this article, I have mentioned a few hacks and tips that will make your trip more memorable. These tips can help you and your friends create memories that will last with you forever. Let’s have a look at it:

Choose the Right Vehicle 

If you do not want to get uncomfortable during your road trip, you must choose your vehicle wisely. If you are just three or four friends, then going in your car is not a bad idea. But if more friends will be joining you on the trip, you should consider hiring a van that will fit all of you instead of taking multiple cars. What good is a road trip with friends when half of them are going to be in another car? You want all your friends in one place so all of you can enjoy the trip to the fullest. When everyone is in one vehicle, it will become easier to plan group activities, and card games will also become more fun. There are a lot of rental companies out there who offer plenty of deals on different kinds of vans. You can also check this Los Angeles Van Rental company and can choose a van according to your situation.

Take Plenty of Photos

If you do not want to forget your trip and make it really memorable, then you should click as many pictures as possible. We do not live in the age where you had to take a camera with a reel or limited battery with you. Nowadays, we have amazing cameras on our phones, which means we can take high definition pictures anywhere and anytime we want. Just imagine, one day you will be old and wrinkly sitting with your friends in a restaurant talking about the memories you made on this trip. When you talk about the trip, it will bring back a lot of memories, and you would want to see the pictures of the trip again. If you have plenty of pictures of the trip, you and your friends will be able to look back at it and will cherish the memory. You can also look back at yourself and how cool you used to be. 

Write About Your Trip in the Diary

Another thing you would want to remember in old age is how your entire trip went. You can do that by documenting your trip and writing all the activities in a diary. If you have taken a trip before, you must be already aware that you only remember a few memories vividly, and the rest of them are easily forgotten. When you are in old age, you are more likely to forget these memories. Having a diary with all the details of your trip will help you look back at times and make you proud of the life you lived at your young age. Get creative with your writing and add a sense of poetry to the documentation. Do not just write what activities you did but also write in detail how you felt about it.

Road Trips Game Are Awesome

They say it is not the destination but the journey that matters, and these words are quite true for a road trip. The enjoyment of the road trip does not come when you reach the destination, but it begins when you hit the road. And to make that adventure even more fun, you can always resort to games you can play in the van. The games do not have to be fancy or modern; they just have to be fun. From word games to card games, there are plenty of options to make your road trip memorable. Even a simple game like UNO can seem much more fun when you are playing it in a car with your close friends.

Listen to a Podcast or Two

Another way of making your trip more memorable is to listen to a podcast that you and your friend will enjoy. In this modern digital age, you can find thousands of podcasts on different topics. I will recommend you go for the ones relevant to your interests or the one that you can enjoy with all your friends. Listening to podcasts will help you stay stimulated by sparking some interesting conversations or with laughter. If you do not listen to podcasts regularly and are not sure which one to go for, then here are a few suggestions that might help you. 

  • The Joe Rogan Experience: If you are looking for something funny, entertaining, and yet full of interesting conversations, the Joe Rogan experience is an excellent option. Joe Rogan certainly knows how to talk to his guests. From A list actors like Robert Downy Jr. to big industrial names like Elon Musk, Joe Rogans has a diverse range of guests. His podcasts are available on YouTube, and you can watch any of it whenever you like.
  • How I Built This: If you and your friends love to learn about new things and are always fascinated by some real stories, How I Built This is a great podcast for you. This show tells stories of some of the world’s most famous companies and how they were born. Entrepreneurs and innovators come to this show and talk about the twist and turn these companies face d in their journey.

Sing along Session Is Always Fun

If you are going on a road trip and are not considering a sing-along session, you are not planning it right. Before you leave, create a playlist of your favorite songs you would like to listen to on the journey. Once you have the songs that you and your friends enjoy, you will be able to have a fun sing-along session. If you are driving quietly to the destination, then you are not on a road trip. But if you are making some noise with your sing-along sessions and keeping the spirit alive, only then it will feel like you are on an actual road trip. You can also take turns mixing up the songs; that way, everyone will get to have some fun.

Take Turns Driving

The worst thing you can do during a road trip is to let only one person drive the car. You need to make the trip equally fun and memorable for everyone. If one of your friends is driving the van for hours, then they do not have a memorable trip. Also, he or she will get tired too soon and would not be able to enjoy the rest of the trip. That is why it is recommended that you take turns driving so everyone will be able to relax for a while and enjoy the trip to the fullest.

Don’t Be Afraid of Taking a Detour

Having a plan for your road trip is important, but you do not need to strictly stick to it. To make your trip adventurous, you should not fear taking a detour. If you feel like there is a place on the way you must see, you should see it instead of just sticking to the plan. It might cost you two or three hours, but you and your friends will have a lot of fun doing it. I mean, if you are afraid of changing the tracks, then you might as well travel through a plane or train. 

Take Home-Cooked Food

Eating out on a trip can be quite costly. Apart from that, you will have limited and unhealthy options. To make your road trip more fun, you should cook your own food and take it with you on the journey. If you are six people embarking on this journey, then each could cook one dish, and you will have six different food options during your trip, which is more than amazing. You would also be able to save some money which you can spend on other fun activities. Having a picnic during a road trip is a memory that you cannot forget.

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