Bibi Netanyahu’s Israel; Steve House’s CO GOP; Apollo Global Management’s Denver Post


John Tomasic: Hi debaters. Welcome back. Let’s begin with Israel, the country that has at least 47 Republican Americans working as loyal diplomatic emissaries from inside the U.S. Senate.

Bibi looks to have won in what some are calling a terrible fear-mongering campaign — even though he didn’t mention Ebola even once, as far as I know. It now looks like former Likudnick Moschi Kahlon, leader of the breakaway Kalanu party, is the king maker. What do we make of the events. What does it mean for Obama and the GOP Congress?

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litwin hnMike Littwin has covered Dr. J, four presidential inaugurations, six national conventions and countless brain-numbing speeches in the New Hampshire and Iowa snow. A rapier wit.


dan haley Dan Haley is vice president of communications at EIS Solutions, a Colorado public relations firm and was Editorial Page Editor at the Denver Post, after being an editorial writer, assistant city editor and news reporter.


fladen hnElliot Fladen is a former Department of Justice trial attorney and a 2005 graduate of Stanford Law School. He specializes in commercial litigation, government transparency, and construction litigation. Besides testifying on major state ethics legislation before the Colorado State House, stories regarding his work have appeared in the Denver Post, the Colorado Springs Gazette, The Colorado Independent, the Colorado Observer, and the Colorado Statesman. He is also an occasional guest columnist and/or contributor to the Colorado Springs Gazette and The Colorado Independent.

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