Colorado money tracker: A look at the candidates as well as projects investing to affect the 2020 ballot


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The majority of the money spent in a political campaign is aimed at persuading voters to pick a certain candidate and turnout to vote.

The tools of the trade are familiar: television commercials, glossy mailers, yard signs, flashy digital ads, text messages, phone calls and more.

What is less visible: The entities spending the money to influence voters and the donors backing the efforts.

To help voters get a better sense of who is trying to influence them, The Colorado Sun’s campaign money tracker breaks it down.

  • Find the biggest spenders in the top races in Colorado (▶ click here)
  • A sortable database of the sponsors of TV ads in the U.S. Senate race and a drop down menu describing the groups behind the spending. (▶ click here)
  • A searchable database of mailers from Colorado candidates or campaigns with drop down menus showing images, the message and details about the sender. (▶ click here)
  • A look at how much TV advertising has been purchased in Colorado markets in all races spending by date (▶ click here)

The campaign money tracker created by The Sun draws information from TV ad contracts filed with the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Election Commission’s independent spending data and mailers shared with Follow the Message to give voters an idea of what the money is being spent on and by whom.

The TV ad spending is incomplete because not all stations file contracts immediately, and they aren’t required to file contracts by state-level outside groups, such as issue committees or super PACs airing ads about legislative candidates. It includes typical broadcast stations as well as spending that goes through major cable companies in Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction and Durango. It is often the only way to track political spending by nonprofit groups in national contests.

MORE ANALYSIS: Click here to view the money tracker

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