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As our region cools down, winemakers count down their days until the last harvest. The Riesling vines are the perfect blend of sugar and acid and ready to create another award-winning wine. The beauty of Riesling is that it nurtures a different taste based on its location. Some have hints of lime while others resemble that of a tangerine.

The early snow this year saw many vineyards harvesting frozen grapes a lot sooner than expected in an attempt to salvage their crops. The below 20-degree temperature made the task quite difficult and transformed the fruit into a rather fragile state.

As vineyards celebrate their 2020 harvest, with many closing their tasting room doors until next year. Online support is crucial in maintaining sales and sharing the word about the different wines available in Colorado, and you can even buy wine using your mobile phone.

The best wineries in Colorado

Jack Rabbit Hill

Many top restaurants obtain their house wines from this biodynamic farm, located just outside of Hotchkiss.

Buckel Family wine

This new family-run vineyard has created some stellar wines and we’re hopeful about their future. Monkshood Cellars is also a new up and comer that wine connoisseurs need to keep an eye on.

Carboy Winery

The newest highly rated winery in Denver and right on our doorstep too.

Bookcliff Vineyards 

Renowned for experimenting with varieties of grapes to create the perfect blend. 

Qutori Wines

They have managed to almost perfect the Syrah varietal, almost transporting you back to Cornas.

Balistreri Vineyards

An award-winning, family-run winery focusing on creating their blends the old-fashioned way – by hand.

Deep Roots Winery & Bistro

Handcrafted wines paired with a carefully curated meal, what more could you be looking for?

Kingman Estate Winery

Their dream of creating wines that are superior to all other regions came true. You can join them for a tasting or even pick up a bottle at your nearest store.

Silver Vines Winery

Sophisticated, handcrafted wines to enjoy with friends with a delicious cheese platter – the perfect day out.

Spero Winery

A boutique winery with exquisite wines and free tastings on Saturdays. 

Turquoise Mesa Winery

A community built on great wine and friendship – not to mention that their wines have won several awards over the last 5 years.

Wild Women Wine

They import some of California’s best grapes before fermenting it in their own facility You can even make your own wine while you’re there, in addition to having the opportunity to taste some of their best wines.

Support local wineries

While many wineries and vineyards may be closing their doors to the public as they reach the end of their harvest season, they still need your support to succeed. Just like you can play now, you can get involved online. Visit their online stores and some of the country’s most prestigious blends, or show them your support on social media by liking and sharing their pages with your friends and families.

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