Cops look for suspicious after three individuals remains are found in San Luis Valley


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Investigators who found the remains of three people while executing a search warrant for stolen vehicles and equipment at a rural property southeast of Alamosa now are searching for a suspect in the case, 26-year-old Adre “Psycho” Jordan Baroz.

“When I say he is a danger to the community, I really mean he is a danger to the community,” Alamosa police Chief Ken Anderson said during a news conference Wednesday morning.

Adre Jordan Baroz, aka Psycho Baroz, is wanted in connection with a homicide investigation in the San Luis Valley. (Colorado Bureau of Investigation)

The remains were found on two properties west of the Rio Grande in the community of Los Sauces. Forensic analysis confirmed that they belong to three different people, investigators said Wednesday. 

Since the analysis is ongoing, specifics about the individuals including age, gender and identity, are unknown. It’s also not known how the people died or how long the bodies had been on the properties.

“A lot of details have yet to show their face on this,” Anderson said. 

“We don’t see anything like this very often,” he said later.

Anderson would not elaborate on how the human remains may be connected to Baroz. “I don’t want to jeopardize our investigation,” he said.

On Nov. 10, the Conejos County Sheriff’s Office and Colorado Bureau of Investigation searched a property in Los Sauces, which is on the south end of the San Luis Valley. In the process, investigators found human remains. 

Based on that search, a task force of agencies — including the CBI, law enforcement from Saguache and Conejos counties as well as the cities of Alamosa and Monte Vista, and the Colorado State Patrol — searched a nearby property on Nov. 13. Investigators also found human remains at the second property. 

Monte Vista police chief George Dingfelder said investigators are still searching the second property, though they don’t expect to find more bodies. “There is no indication that we will find anything else.”

Multiple people are currently missing from the San Luis Valley area, though officials could not say exactly how many since they are typically reported to multiple jurisdictions in southern Colorado and northern New Mexico. 

Investigators executing a search warrant related to stolen vehicles and equipment found a total of three bodies on two properties in the southern Colorado community of Los Sauces, about 20 miles southeast of Alamosa. (Colorado Bureau of Investigation)

Dingfelder cautioned against associating the bodies found last week with any specific missing persons case, including that of Suzanne Morphew, the Chaffee County woman who went missing on Mother’s Day. To do so, Dingfelder said, would be “irresponsible and complete speculation.”

“We simply do not know who the remains are,” he said.

A tip line is set up for anyone who may have information about Baroz’s whereabouts or the Los Sauces case in general. Callers can leave identifying information or remain anonymous. 

To leave a tip, call (719) 270-0210.

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