Denver City Hall -The spectre of Susan Shepherd looms in north Denver as Sabados runs for City Council


Sabados has actually worked campaigns from neighborhood college board to presidential races as well as several in between. Whether it’s aiding a common council candidate comprehend the voting demographics of their area to coordinating loads of team on a statewide federal campaign, every race includes it’s very own particular challenges and goals.

Along with campaign experience, Dave holds a Master’s Degree in English and also Bachelor’s degrees in Philosophy as well as English. His graduate job focused on Presidential unsupported claims in the television age.

When not campaigning, Dave can typically be discovered climbing a 14er, skiing, or visiting Colorado alleys on a motorbike.

David Sabados is a long time community lobbyist and dynamic leader concentrated on cost effective real estate, renters’ rights, as well as transport services. David has collaborated with not-for-profit companies, candidates and also chosen authorities, and modern companies that look for to empower working family members.

A occupant in the Sunnyside neighborhood, David will bring a needed voice to our city board.

David Sabados is a longtime area protestor

and also dynamic leader concentrated on economical

real estate, renters’ legal rights, and transportation options. David has dealt with not-for-profit organizations, prospects and chosen officials, and progressive organizations that seek to equip working families.

A occupant in the Sunnyside community, David will bring a necessary voice to our city council.

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