Her Royal Highness Princess . . .


When the name on your birth certificate begins with the four words in the title of this post, you can be pretty sure that your life is going to be good.

Incidentally, she is also currently fourth in line for the throne, quite an accomplishment for someone who isn’t potty trained yet.  In the United States, that spot in the Presidential succession belongs to Secretary of State and former Presidential candidate John Kerry.

Third in line to the British throne is His Royal Highness Prince George, who is not yet preschool aged.  The comparable post in the U.S. Presidential succession is held by Senator Orrin Hatch, a grumpy seventy-one year old man from Utah.

Then again, the U.S. has never had to dip further the the first place spot in the line of succession (Vice President) its entire history since 1776, and there are two adults: Prince Charles and Prince William, in line before Prince William’s children.

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via Denver News

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