Life Imitates Art Called Life


The NBC television series “Life” aired from 2007-2009 featured the plight of a wrongfully convicted cop in Southern California, after he was exonerated and placed back on the beat, and his side kick, a middle aged businessman who was convicted of white collar felonies who finds a position teaching business at a local college once he finishes his prison term.

For what it’s worth, the series was excellent and has forever changed my outlook on eating fruit.

Well, it turns out that real life imitated art, and in particular, the television series “Life.”

As a post from Professor Bainbridge entitled “UC Irvine Law said they’d debut in the top 20.  It didn’t happen.  Good.” explains in the pertinent part:

I lost whatever respect I might have had for their administration when they hired the felon Bill Lerach. To teach a course on the ethics of capitalism, no less!

Life continues to be full of surprises, including those predicted in Hollywood.

from Wash Park Prophet
via Denver News

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