Lucía Guzmán is a Colorado conditionSenator who at this time serves given that the President Professional Tempore on the Colorado Senate. Appointed to the Colorado Senate in May perhaps 2010, Guzmán representsnorth Denver in Denver county

Guzmán announced her candidacy to thrive the term-confined Paula Sandoval in the Colorado Senate in July 2009. She was the only candidate being placed on the main ballot for your seat through the Democratic Get together district assembly in April 2010, Despite the fact that state consultant Joel Judd introduced that he would check out to generate the key ballot by using the petition route. When Paula Sandoval was elected to Denver town council in May 2010, Guzmán was the one prospect to operate to fill the vacancy. A vacancy committee of precinct committee officers of the Democratic occasion elected her to fill the vacancy by acclamation. She took the oath of Workplace on May possibly 21, 2010.