Mindful Standard for Driving Throughout Cheery Season


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The festive season is almost upon us, and the excitement has begun to run down everyone’s spine already. Once the season starts, there are only occasions coming for people to party and have fun. In these times, that come once a year, people burn off the steam of work and home stress or take family trips to wind off. Thus the beginning of the festive season is only a thing to look forward to for the best times and happy moments. 

However, there are always some shortcomings to all the good things happiness in the world. And the season of holidays is sadly the time for the highest accidents and criminal convictions to happen on the road. The traffic is mostly jammed with shoppers and people running errands all over the country. People are more frantic for completing their shopping lists and things to do for creating the best holidays for their families and friends. In the heat of the moment of enjoying the best moments, two vehicles can crash in the blink of an eye and create impairment. 

During the festive seasons, drivers are also more agitated to make it through the traffic lines and get to the marts. In this heat, they tend to grow hurried for getting out of the traffic by illegal means if they have to. The drivers tend to get distracted easily while peeking at their phones to look at the extensive shopping lists or for calling their friends to inform about the hot party in town. 

No matter what the festivity, there are always people partying and drinking. It is also common to see people drunk on the streets and some driving under the influence of slight toxication. However, when a police officer on duty spots a drunk driver, that’s when things can start going downhill. For this reason, safe driving should be practiced during these adrenaline rushed times to drop the count of accidents and deaths in this time:

Do Some Road Safety Awareness

On holiday occasions, when you set up lighting and decorations outside your home, you can add some road safety awareness to them as well for the betterment of the car owners. This can be according to your creativity and a way that the decoration isn’t affected. You can add signboards and other ways to make vehicle passersby reevaluate their driving and be safer on the road. Likewise, while driving, you can warn the neighboring drivers about their dangerous driving and ask them to do a better job. You can show other festive car users to be careful by your own courteous and cautious driving. 

Don’t Drink if You Have to Drive

“Don’t drive while drinking” is an overly said sentence in a festive season and a traffic rule that is repeated for everyone to know it well not to implement. However, you never know what you’re capable of doing under the influence of alcohol or when you’re feeling a rush of emotions and confuse excitement with confidence. Thinking that you are the best driver who cannot make mistakes on the road, you may embark on the road and make a slipup. 

As the law enforcers are more alert when drunk drivers constant the roads, they make sure to catch plenty of rule-breakers. However, if you end up with a DUI, make sure you can reduce your or eliminate your penalties and not get your driver’s license suspended. A handy Orange County DUI lawyer can also help a lot in handling the case, whether it was your fault or not.

Refrain from Driving in Tiredness

The holiday season is filled with new adventures for most people as they travel to distances, to reunite with family, or go to an exquisite destination. However, the only difficult thing about these travels is the tiring and long car drives. If there is just one driver to make the full distance from one state to another or town, it can be even more draining and make you tired along the way. 

Several times drivers tend to keep driving to reach a destination quickly and end up falling asleep or losing the strength in their arms to move the vehicle carefully. You can cause damage to yourself when you become unable to drive this way properly, so make sure to always take several breaks in between and relinquish with a drink or meal. Also, never chauffer a car when you are overly exhausted from a gathering or party. 

Keep the Speed at a Minimum

Yes, there will be times when you may have no choice but to speed up to meet all your errands in time and complete preparation for the holiday season, but the chance you take can also alter your life. This can again happen in the excitement of an event, and the next thing you know, you lose control of the car and have to make do of several injuries or get into a life-threatening situation. This is why it’s always best to drive at a reasonable speed that is allowed on the road you’re moving to keep away from hazards and other speeding up vehicles.

Secure Your Seating

In any case, accidents on the road are inevitable and can sometimes be out of your control, for which you should be prepared, especially in the holiday season, when every other driver is set for disaster. There will be all sorts of drivers, especially young ones who like to enjoy their youth with fast drives and multitasking on the phone. So, always put and keep your seatbelts on while out and about, so even if an accident happens without your interference, you can stay safe. Make sure to also reinforce seat belts on the back seated passengers for overall safety.

Prepare for Emergencies

Before getting on the road and jumping in the driver seat, a driver must be well prepared for emergencies and diverse situations. This is especially necessary for a festive season when there is a rush on the roads. You can back up your safety by knowing all the emergency contacts to reach out to in case of a crisis. If you’re abandoned on a faraway roadside without fuel, got involved in an accident, or have any other problem related to your car, you must quickly call these contacts to let them know. Also, make sure to prepare your vehicle enough for the weather condition and drive accordingly without speeding up. 

Check the Condition of the Vehicle

It goes without saying that you must at least check its condition to run safely on the roads every time you go out with your vehicle. If you have a car failure in the holiday season, it can take hours to call the handymen as everyone is busy at times like these, you may have to stay stuck with the situation for a long time. This can totally destroy your holiday, so make sure to check your car well before going out. Examine the lights and the indicators, steering wheel, brakes, tires, windscreens and wipers, shock absorbers, and everything else that is essential. 

Give Way

Dealing with the overly excited, aggressive, and some out of mind traffic flow on the road can be quite challenging in festive times. Provoking them or getting out of your vehicles and creating a quarrel scene are just somethings that will waste your time. So it’s best to be the bigger person on the road whenever there is a need and give way to those in a hurry. These hurried vehicles can hurt you if not given way in time or may get aggressive and try to harm you. 

Stay Extra Alert for Drivers’ Red Flags

As discussed above, the holiday drivers are no people to mess with while on the drive, and you also have to be really careful of them as well. You will find several kinds of personalities on the roads this time including, drunk drivers, multitaskers, partying youths, and much more. And while these people are on the road, it can never be safe for the other drivers and pedestrians. So make sure to evaluate the moving of different vehicles on the road and make sure they aren’t doing it dangerously. Call the authorities immediately if you sense danger from a car to make the streets safe. 

Include Important Authentications at All Times

In the enthusiasm or rush of the season of joys, make sure never to forget to include your identifications for being on the road. The roads are patrolled more often in the festive times, and police can stop you in the middle of your drive to ask about your authentications. Forgetting your driver’s license or insurance can mean jail time for you, and that is not how a holiday should be spent. 

Avoid Dark Places

When covering vast distances to completing a journey to reach a faraway land, make sure to be extra careful of sketchy looking roadsides and dark places. Interestingly, several threatening individuals that can cause a criminal offense like theft to people tend to hide in these shadowy places to come out and take advantage of helpless drivers. So whenever you are to halt in the middle of your drive, examine the area and see if there is some public in the place to help you out if there is a hazard.  

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