West Virginia hunter fatally shot in Colorado


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KREMMLING — An investigation is underway after a hunter was shot and killed in a remote area in northwestern Colorado.

Grand County sheriff’s officials say 26-year-old Simon Jacob Howell, of Ridgeley, West Virginia, was shot by a fellow hunter west of Kremmling on Monday morning. Investigators have not released any details about the circumstances of the shooting.

The alleged shooter has not been arrested and is cooperating with authorities. The district attorney’s office will evaluate the investigation by the Grand County Sheriff’s Office to determine if charges are warranted.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife officials say more than 500,000 licensed hunters take to the field in the state each year. In 2019, only five hunting-related injuries were reported to CPW with no fatalities. The last hunting death in Colorado happened in November 2018 and also took place in Grand County.

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