Wiretap: Finally, what it takes to get expelled


The Oklahoma frat boy story tells us how little we still understand about racism. Everyone, with the possible exception of those on the Morning Joe show, understood that this vile display was shockingly racist. But as Elie Mystal wrote in Above the Law, “Sigma Alpha Epsilon’s University of Oklahoma chapter dared to go above and beyond to prove their racism. Thank God they actually sang a song. Because they pretty much could have done anything else without anyone suspending them or even complaining about racist behavior.” Via Vox.

Eugene Robinson says that while we should listen to Barack Obama’s stirring oratory in Selma, we should also listen, as much as it hurts, to the vile chants from the frat boys on the bus. Via the Washington Post.

Just as calm seemed to be returning to Ferguson, the gun shots rang out, two policemen were hit and a city’s wounds came undone. Via the New York Times.

tom tomorrow Tom Tomorrow nails it. Six panels that tell the story of the aiding and abetting U.S. Supreme Court of the tea party era.

Trey Gowdy: Hillary Clinton’s reluctant nemesis. Taking on Hillary, he tells Politico, “is not my job. That’s the job of the RNC, and the Republican candidate for president. … If they hired me for that job they hired the wrong guy.”

It’s not just Republicans who are unhappy with Clinton’s lost emails. It’s also historians. Via the New York Times.

The best antidote for Clinton’s early-campaign woes: Go to Iowa and start the campaign in earnest. Via Slate.

How Islamic is the Islamic State? Not at all, says Mehdi Hasan in the New Republic, explaining what the Atlantic story got wrong.

Why do students have so little say in their education? Via the Atlantic.

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