Wiretap: Governors all ‘meh’ on possibility millions could lose Obamacare coverage


This may not surprise you, but when governors are asked what they might do if the Supreme Court rules against Obamacare, most of them have no answer. At a meeting of the nation’s governors in Washington last weekend, Politico asked more than a dozen. Most, it was reported, shrugged — some in indifference, some in indecision. Florida Gov. Rick Scott said, “This is a federal program. It’s a federal problem.” What he didn’t say is that 1.6 million Floridians are covered under Obamacare and that 90 percent of those get subsidies.

Sam Baker does a little thought experiment in the National Journal. He writes the reasons that Obamacare will lose before the Supreme Court. And he writes another piece explaining why Obamacare will win.

Boulder tried on some Boston this weekend: Fifteen inches of snow buried the state’s favorite college-Buddha-yoga town. Flakes the size of fists landed outside the window and just sat there grinning, sticking their tongues out at you.

The Notorious R.B.G. — Ruth Bader Ginsburg tells columnist Gail Collins that she’s not going anywhere any time soon. Via the New York Times.

Rudy Giuliani writes in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal that his bluntness on Barack Obama not loving America overshadowed his message, which was — well, it’s not clear, but presumably that Obama does not love America. Meanwhile, Glenn Kessler does the Fact Checker thing in the Washington Post and gives Giuliani four Pinnochios.

And the beat goes on: Scott Walker says he doesn’t know whether Obama is a Christian. Via The Washington Post.

Nate Cohn writes that this time — unlike 2008 — Hillary Clinton really is inevitable (as Democratic nominee, anyway). Via the New York Times.

Amy Davidson asks in the New Yorker whether Oscar winner Citizenfour is actually worth celebrating.

John Legend’s Oscar-speech statistic that more men are currently under correctional control than were enslaved in 1850 is right, although it’s also a little misleading. Via Vox.

[ “Meh” by Quinn Dombrowski.]

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