Wiretap: Judges retire to chambers to consider killing Obamacare


The lawyers made their arguments for and against Obamacare at the Supreme Court. The justices — other than Clarence Thomas, of course — asked their questions. And how will they rule? It depends whom you ask. The Obamacare challengers think they’re in good shape. Via the National Journal. Chief Justice John Roberts was unusually quiet, but Jeffrey Toobin says in the New Yorker that his Roberts’ one question may point the way to an Obamacare victory. Sarah Kliff writes in Vox that, whatever anyone guesses, no one really knows.

If you want an entertaining and smart look at the Court’s play-by-play on Obamacare, read Dahlia Lithwick in Slate.

The five candidates running for mayor of Colorado Springs debated on Wednesday night. None of them said anything all that unexpected. The election is next month and common wisdom is we can expect a runoff, then victory for former Attorney General John Suthers. Via the Gazette.

NYPD commissioner blames Colorado pot legalization for uptick in New York City murders. No, he really does. What’s his logic: Well, it couldn’t have anything to do with the number of murders. In Denver, where pot actually is legal, the number of murders went down last year. Via the Washington Post.

John Frank writes in the Denver Post that a new report on drivers’ licenses for immigrants may actually lead to compromise in the state legislature. Of course, it also may not.

The story of Ferguson and the cops: How policing, discrimination and raising revenue all became part of the same racist package. Via the New York Times.

Seven racist jokes via the Ferguson cops and courts. Via Vox.

In Israel, the polling shows little post-speech bump for Bibi. Via the Washington Post.

The Atlantic’s Jeffrey Goldberg interviews Obama’s deputy national security adviser, who says the nuclear deal is the best way to avoid war with Iran.

The Denver Public School system is looking into whether more than $26,000 was stolen from seven employees who never saw their direct deposit paycheck at the end of last month. Officials say they think an email scam is to blame. Via the Denver Post.

Frank Bruni asks if Hillary Clinton has a political death wish, or this just the way it’s always been and always will be. Via the New York Times.

The city of Durango will drop $300,000 to fix a caved-in drainage pipe that’s currently not filtering out clay and other things you might not want in your drinking water. Water levels in the city reservoir have to stay low until everything’s in good repair, which Utilities Director Steve Salka expects to take two weeks. “It’s rather nerve wracking,” he said, “but it’s something we need to do to get enough water in the summer.” Via the Durango Herald.

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