Wiretap: Rotten eggs, weed and Snoop Dogg on Reaganomics



Wind turbine maker Vestas held a job fair last week in Windsor, Colorado, in the gas patch just north of Greeley. The Danish company was looking to hire 300 permanent positions — or roughly 10 times the amount of permanent jobs the Keystone XL pipeline promised to U.S. citizens.  Many of the job seekers had been laid off from drilling companies in the boom-bust Weld County oil fields. Job seeker Lindsay Gray via the Greeley Tribune: “The thing I’m really looking for is stability.”

This Stinks

Boulder’s Casey Middle School was rebuilt in 2010 for $33 million as a high-tech renewable-energy-powered facility. Students and faculty enjoy views of the Flat Iron mountains and the Sanitas Ridge – and they are also plagued by an “intermittent stink of rotten eggs.” The Daily Camera quotes Superintendent Bruce Messinger on the leaking hydrogen-sulfide problem: “Significant efforts have been made to identify the source.” A long-promised community meeting on the problem is scheduled for April 2.

Weed Read

The first of the Gazette’s four-part series Clearing the Haze explores various regulatory issues associated with legal pot. Check back over the coming days for “Marijuana and Crime,” “Youthful Addiction” and “Medical Marijuana.”


Gun Shy


After gun-wielders legally entered two Aurora City Council meetings, members got jittery and passed a ban on the open carry of guns at the municipal building, reports The Denver Post.



Poor Ratings


Colorado’s child poverty rate declined to 17 percent this year, the first drop in five years, reports The Gazette. In rural areas, 23 percent of children still face poverty.


Dogging Reagan


At SXSW, rap legend Snoop Dogg announced he is temporarily bow-wowing out of hip-hop for a foray into documentary filmmaking. He has formed a partnership with HBO to take a bite out of the impact of Reaganomics on an inner-city family in Los Angeles.



Making Up


Hillary Clinton tries to makes up with the press, but only after offering up a lecture. Via the National Journal.




Netanyahu apologizes for comments about Israeli Arabs. Obama does not seem to be impressed. Via The New York Times.



Biting the Hand


The Tea Party and Medicare: What do you do if you want to cut entitlements and much of your base is already over 65? Via The Hill.


Cuckoo’s Nest


Andy Borowitz on Ted Cruz: Disturbed man tries to get into the White House. Via The New Yorker.

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