Wiretap: Today is Obamacare haters’ ‘King v Burwell’ day


What’s at stake when the Supreme Court hears arguments on Obamacare today? According to Sarah Kliff at Vox, there’s this: The big question in King v. Burwell is whether the federal government can subsidize Healthcare.gov enrollees in paying for their health insurance. If the Court says no, the average Obamacare enrollee’s premiums would jump about 256 percent this year and much more the next.

Meet the players: The two lawyers who take the Obamacare fight to the Supreme Court. Via Politico.

A federal lawsuit filed this week by some members of the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office puts the County Board of Commissioners in the uncomfortable position of having to defend the behavior of disgraced Sheriff Terry Maketa, which the complaint describes as “illegal, willful, wanton and evil.” Maketa stepped down last December — several months after allegations of sexual misconduct, favoritism and intimidation began to circulate. The county says it’s not liable for the damage he caused. Via the Gazette.

Matthew Duss, president of the Foundation for Middle East Peace, says that Netanyahu did Obama a big favor by giving a big speech in which he had nothing new to say. Via Slate.

Jeffrey Goldberg writes in the Atlantic that Netanyahu had nothing new to say, but that he wasn’t trying to say anything new. In any case, he just made Obama’s job harder – which may be a good thing.

Thomas Friedman: In the aftermath of Netanyahu’s speech, he says the real question on any Iran deal is what’s in it for America. Via the New York Times.

In other (non-Bibi) news, the House caved on funding the Department of Homeland Security – just as everyone knew it would. Via the National Journal.

Testing wars dispatch: Monday morning, around 100 kids at Sheridan High sat down to take the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers — or PARCC, as the mandatory test is called. For the first time, the test was administered online. At least it was supposed to be. Two hours in, barely half of students were able to log into the system. Via the Denver Post.

Mike Tomasky says that the New York Times may not have gotten the Hillary Clinton email scandal exactly right. Via the Daily Beast.

Conor Friedersdorf writes in the Atlantic that the story is all about Clinton’s contempt for transparency.

Have you been watching House of Cards? Ian Crouch writes in the New Yorker that it’s time for Cards to come crashing down.

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