Wiretap: Will Republicans still love a Labor-led Zionist Union Israel?


Today’s election in Israel is expected to be close. Even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said he might lose. But a question that will have to be answered in America is whether Republicans, who have made support for Israel a central part of their platform, will still be quite so pro-Israel if Netanyahu loses and a Labor-led Zionist Union party wins. Via Paul Waldman at the Washington Post.

Netanyahu says no to a Palestinian state if he is re-elected. Netahyahu had endorsed a two-state solution in 2009, but many Israel watchers were never convinced that he was serious. Via the New York Times.

Bibi’s opponent, Isaac Herzog, tells Jeffrey Goldberg of the Iran negotiations: “I trust the Obama administration to get a good deal.” Via the Atlantic.

Record high temperatures plus high winds means high fire danger in Colorado. Via the Gazette.

Nonstarter starter –> Here’s where the House budget proposal begins: End Obamacare, privatize part of Medicare and turns Medicaid into block grants. And so it begins anew. Via the New York Times.

Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart reluctantly comes to this conclusion: “Hands up, Don’t Shoot” was built on a lie.

At the tea party RedState blog, a conservative to conservatives: You’re blowing it on Ferguson DOJ report. You should be horrified. You don’t want this to be OK in the USA.

The Boulder police department put in an order for 150 body cameras in October, but don’t expect to see officers outfitted until April or May, thanks to high demand for the cameras around the country. Via the daily camera.

Are there really no backup Democrats waiting on deck should Hillary falter? Jonathan Bernstein says the idea is absurd and lists the contenders. And, yes, he includes Michael Bennet and John Hickenlooper, which may or may not convince you. Via Bloomberg View.

Why Clinton needs a primary opponent. Via Byron York in the Washington Examiner.

In the business of scaring kids and childish adults –> Ted Cruz on the campaign trail in New Hampshire: “The whole world is on fire.” And a little girl in the crowd asks if it’s really true. Via CNN.

The head of the Colorado National Guard says its leaders haven’t been on speaking terms with Army leaders recently because of budget feuding. “Even when you aren’t getting along,” Maj. Gen. H. Michael Edwards said, “you have got to talk.” Via the Durango herald.

Rebecca Mead writes in the New Yorker that everyone who watched “The Jinx,” the story of Robert Durst and the three murders he is associated with, knows that “what we did was morally indefensible.”

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