Word of the Day: Festschrift


In academia, a Festschrift (German pronunciation: [ˈfɛstʃrɪft]; plural, Festschriften [ˈfɛstʃrɪftən]) is a book honoring a respected person, especially an academic, and presented during his or her lifetime. The term, borrowed from German, could be translated as celebration publication or celebratory (piece of) writing (literally ‘feast-script’). A comparable book presented posthumously is called a Gedenkschrift (memorial publication). Sometimes, the Latin term “liber amicorum” (literally: “book of friends”) is used for a Festschrift. The German word Festschrift has been incorporated into the English language.

From Wikipedia.

 Noted because it was used in an abstract of a paper at the Comparative Law Prof blog (despite a dreadful blog post title).

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